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1/26/2007: LAURIER - 9 @ LAKEHEAD - 3


Mike Aylward
Friday, January 26, 2007

The Lakehead Thunderwolves were beat 9-3 by No. 7 the Laurier Golden Hawks Friday night at the Fort William Gardens in Thunder Bay. 

Lakehead now has a 12-8-2-1 OUA record (15-15-2-1 overall) while Laurier has a 17-5-1 OUA mark.

Lakehead was led by Jeff Richards with two goals and an assist and Steve Rawski score the other Lakehead tally.  Chris Ubaldo had 1 goal and 3 assists, Nick Vergeer had four assists, and Nathan Peacock had two goals for the Hawks.  Singles came from Jeff Borrows, Ryan Courtney, Luke Girard, Matt Grennier, Mike Leclerc, and Mark Voakes. 

Shot on goal on the night were 43-39 for the Hawks.  Jeff MacDougald got the win in goal for the Hawks (and got an assist) while Chris Whitley took the loss for the Wolves in the Lakehead goal.  The game also featured a penalty shot by Lakehead’s Mike Wehrstedt who fired a big slapshot that was gloved by the Hawks MacDougald. 

Lakehead was 3 for 7 on the powerplay and Laurier was 3 for 8 on the night.

Unfortunately, the loss tied two unenviable Lakehead records; most goals against in any regular season loss and most goals against in any home loss. 

The Wolves get another chance to regroup against the Hawks as the two teams face off again at 7:30 pm on Saturday night with the game being webcast off the Lakehead site.   









1. 17:49 Laurier, Di Ubaldo (Girard , Vergeer )
Penalties: 01:26 Laurier, Grover (HKG)04:54 Lakehead, Andrew Brown (INT)12:50 Lakehead, Jeff Richards (TR)18:40 Lakehead, Mark Robinson (SL)
2. 02:50 Laurier, Voakes (Borrows ) SH 3. 09:20 Laurier, Peacock (Voakes , Vergeer ) PP 4. 09:47 Laurier, Peacock (Vergeer , Di Ubaldo ) 5. 16:01 Laurier, Borrows (Di Ubaldo , MacDougald )
Penalties: 01:51 Laurier, Moher (CC)09:01 Laurier, Girard (10 min Misconduct)09:01 Laurier, Kennedy (SL)09:01 Lakehead, Jeff Richards (SL)09:01 Lakehead, Jeff Richards (CC)14:40 Lakehead, Andy Zulyniak (SL)14:40 Laurier, Moher (HS)
6. 00:28 Laurier, Girard (Vergeer , Di Ubaldo ) 7. 09:38 Laurier, Courtney (LeClair , Dubbin ) PP 8. 10:39 Lakehead, Jeff Richards (Dan Speer, Andy Zulyniak ) PP 9. 13:30 Laurier, Grennier (Moher ) 10. 17:07 Lakehead, Jeff Richards (Mark Soares) PP 11. 17:21 Lakehead, Steve Rawski (Jeff Richards, Jordan Smith ) PP 12. 19:03 Laurier, LeClair (Courtney , Nusca ) PP
Penalties: 01:20 Laurier, Peacock (ELB)03:12 Laurier, Dubbin (HLD-ST)08:39 Lakehead, Brock McPherson (CC)10:04 Laurier, Borrows (USC)14:48 Laurier, Nuscas (RO)14:48 Laurier, Grennier (RAW,USC)14:48 Lakehead, Jordan Smith (RO)14:48 Lakehead, Tobias Whelan (RO)16:08 Laurier, Kennedy (CC)17:02 Laurier, Moher (RO)18:08 Lakehead, Mark Robinson (RO)18:23 Lakehead, Richard Molenaar (HS)
Lakehead: Matt Iorianni, 13 saves made, 5 goals against.Lakehead: Chris Whitley, 21 saves made, 4 goals against.Laurier: MacDougald, 36 saves made, 3 goals against.Referees: Eric Vastamaki (referee), Doug Gale, Trevor Gordon,