Lakehead Thunderwolves Mens Hockey
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1/12/2007: WATERLOO - 0 @ LAKEHEAD - 1


Mike Aylward
Friday, January 12, 2007

The No. 6 Waterloo Warriors skated to a 6-4 win over the Lakehead Thunderwolves Friday night at the Fort William Gardens in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  The Warriors now have a 16-2-1 record (19-6-1 overall) while Lakehead is now 11-5-2-1 in OUA play (14-12-2-1 overall).
Lakehead’s goals came from Brad Priestlay, Mike Wehrstedt, Andy Zulyniak, and Richard Molenaar while Mike Della Mora led the Warriors with a pair of goals and an assist.  Brock McPherson and Tobias Whelan had a pair of assists.   

Frank Fazio had a goal and two assists while Waterloo’s other tallies were notched by Bryan Fitzgerald, Shane Hart, and Jordan Brenner.

Lakehead outshot Waterloo 33-30 in the game.  Lakehead’s Chris Whitley made some good saves for the Wolves but defensive lapses proved costly as Waterloo scored four goals in the second.  Waterloo had an edge in play for the first two periods and Lakehead played a strong third.  The Wolves tied it in the third but Waterloo’s Fazio scored a shorthanded goal and then Della Mora put it away with an empty netter.

Waterloo netminder Curtis Darling was very sharp; stopping a lot of good Lakehead chances.  He had Lakehead freshman sensation Mark Soares’ number on the night as Darling stopped Soares on five very good scoring opportunities.

Both teams took eight minor penalties with Lakehead scoring once on the power play and Waterloo once shorthanded. 

The Molson’s Three Stars, as chosen by Leith Dunick of Thunder Bay’s Source newspaper, were:
1) Waterloo: Frank Fazio
2) Waterloo: Mike Della Mora
3) Lakehead: Brock McPherson

The two teams face off again Saturday night at the Fort William Gardens at 7:30 pm EST and the game will be videowebcast live off Lakehead’s website at

Per. 1

Lakehead 6 Waterloo 11
Per. 2
Lakehead 15 Waterloo 9
Per. 3
Lakehead 12 Waterloo 10
Lakehead 33 Waterloo 30

Scoring Summary:
Per. 1

1) Lakehead: 15 seconds: Brad Priestlay
Per. 2
2) Waterloo: 6:35 Bryan Fitzgerald
3) Waterloo 6:45 Mike Della Mora from Frank Fazio
4) Waterloo: 10:28: Shane Hart from Joel Olszkowa and Bryan MacGregor
5) Waterloo: 12:28: Jordan Brenner from Della Mora and Fazio
6) Lakehead 16:27: Mike Wehrstedt from Tobias Whelan and Jordan Smith
Per. 3
7) Lakehead: 5:34 PP Andy Zulyniak from Whelan and McPherson
8) Lakehead: 9:44 Richard Molenaar from Dan Speer and McPherson
9) Waterloo: 10:58 SH Fazio from Brendan Mulholland and Kevin Hurley
10) Waterloo: 19:52: EN Della Mora from David Edgeworth and Mulholland

1. 00:15 Lakehead, Brad Priestlay (unassisted)
Penalties: 00:57 Lakehead, Matt Jacques (TR)08:44 Lakehead, Bench (TMM)09:44 Lakehead, Jordan Smith (CC)15:15 Lakehead, Steve Rawski (INT)19:52 Waterloo, Moir (BRD)
2. 06:35 Waterloo, Fitzgerald (unassisted) 3. 06:45 Waterloo, Della Mora (Fazio ) 4. 11:28 Waterloo, Hart (Olszowka , McGregor ) 5. 13:28 Waterloo, Brennier (Della Mora , Fazio ) 6. 16:27 Lakehead, Michael Wehrstedt (Jordan Smith , Tobias Whelan) PP
Penalties: 03:31 Lakehead, Nathan Breukelman (HKG)07:49 Waterloo, Hart (HLD)13:33 Lakehead, Andrew Brown (HKG)15:12 Waterloo, Hart (TR)17:06 Waterloo, Mulholland (HLD)18:25 Waterloo, Olszowka (RAW)18:25 Lakehead, Dan Speer (RAW)
7. 05:34 Lakehead, Andy Zulyniak (Tobias Whelan, Brock McPherson) PP 8. 09:44 Lakehead, Richard Molenaar (Dan Speer, Brock McPherson) 9. 10:58 Waterloo, Fazio (Mulholland , Hurley ) SH 10. 19:57 Waterloo, Della Mora (Edgeworth , Mulholland ) EN
Penalties: 01:42 Waterloo, Fitzgerald (TR)04:25 Waterloo, Levicki (HLD)06:02 Lakehead, Michael Wehrstedt (INT)09:59 Waterloo, Spooner (TR)
Lakehead: Chris Whitley, 25 saves made, 5 goals against.Waterloo: Darling, 29 saves made, 4 goals against.Referees: Nigel Black (referee), Nigel Black, Nigel Black,