Lakehead Thunderwolves Mens Hockey
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11/5/2006: LAKEHEAD - 5 @ GUELPH - 5 OT


Mike Aylward
Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Lakehead Thunderwolves men’s hockey team and the Guelph Gryphons skated to a 5-5 OT tie in a wild game in Guelph, Ontario Sunday afternoon.  It was a penalty filled affair that saw both teams stage furious comebacks.

Lakehead led 3-0 at the end of the first but Guelph stormed back with five unanswered goals to take a 5-3 lead early in the third.  Lakehead came back to tie it in the third and then took it into OT.

Although they each allowed five goals; both Lakehead’s Chris Whitley (48 saves) and Guelph’s Adam Jennings (20 saves) also made a number of great saves in the thrilling game.  Jennings made some fine stops during a furious Lakehead attack in the final minute of regulation while Whitley robbed Guelph’s Matt Willoughby early in the OT.  Jennings also made a series of excellent saves in the OT during a Lakehead powerplay to save the draw for Guelph.      

Lakehead was led by Mark Robinson with a pair of goals while singles came from, Matt Jacques, Mike Wehrstedt, and Andrew Brown.  Guelph’s was paced by David Volpe with a pair of goals while George Grant, Mike Nelson, and Thomas Laplante tallied a goal each.

Lakehead now has a 5-2-1 OUA record (7-5-1 overall) while Guelph goes to 3-4-1 in OUA action (4-8-1 overall).  Guelph took 19 minor penalties while Lakehead was assessed 16 minors.  Guelph officially outshot Lakehead 53-25 in the game. 

Lakehead is on the road again next weekend when they play the Ryerson Rams in Toronto and Orillia.   

1. 02:41 Lakehead, Mark Robinson (unassisted) SH 2. 17:29 Lakehead, Matt Jacques (Steve Rawski, Tobias Whelan) 3. 18:50 Lakehead, Michael Wehrstedt (Shandor Alphonso)
Penalties: 01:23 Lakehead, Shandor Alphonso (HKG)03:49 Guelph, Magera (SL)06:34 Lakehead, Nathan Breukelman (HKG)07:47 Guelph, Volpe (HLD)09:42 Guelph, Grant (HS)10:32 Lakehead, Dan Speer (G-INT)11:42 Guelph, Grant (HS)13:10 Lakehead, Mark Robinson (TR)14:40 Guelph, Willoughby (HS)16:40 Guelph, McCrank (SL)16:40 Guelph, Magera (CC)17:48 Lakehead, Jarryd Brend (TR)18:40 Guelph, Magera (USC)19:34 Lakehead, Steve Rawski (RAW)
4. 02:33 Guelph, Grant (LaPlante , Willougby ) PP 5. 05:04 Guelph, Nelson (unassisted) SH 6. 14:33 Guelph, Volpe (Baker , Nelson ) 7. 17:01 Guelph, Volpe (Baker , Nelson ) PP
Penalties: 01:46 Lakehead, Mark Robinson (HS)02:33 Lakehead, Mark Robinson (USC)02:33 Lakehead, Nathan Breukelman (SL)04:11 Guelph, Volpe (Bench Minor)06:32 Lakehead, Ryan Maunu (HKG)07:23 Guelph, Baker (INT)09:22 Guelph, Laplante (TR)12:04 Lakehead, Drew Kivell (HS)12:26 Lakehead, Daniel Rogers (ELB)15:12 Lakehead, Richard Molenaar (HKG)18:51 Guelph, Morris (HLD)
8. 02:44 Guelph, LaPlante (Willoughby , Jenish ) 9. 03:04 Lakehead, Mark Robinson (Dan Speer) 10. 12:49 Lakehead, Andrew Brown (Jarryd Brend)
Penalties: 03:47 Guelph, LaPlante (HKG)06:26 Guelph, LaPlante (HLD)07:12 Lakehead, Steve Rawski (INT)10:39 Guelph, Cotter (HLD)13:32 Lakehead, Steve Rawski (INT)13:35 Guelph, Volpe (INT)18:05 Guelph, Heck (HKG)
Lakehead: Chris Whitley, 48 saves made, 5 goals against.Guelph: Jennings, 20 saves made, 5 goals against.