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12/30/2008: SASKATCHEWAN - 3 @ LAKEHEAD - 4


Mike Aylward
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The No. 7 Lakehead Thunderwolves won the battle of the packs as they defeated the No. 3 Saskatchewan Huskies 4-3 Tuesday night in the championship final of the TBaytel Varsity Cup men’s hockey tournament at the Fort William Gardens in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  To watch Video Game Report; CLICK HERE 

The win gives the Wolves their second Varsity Cup and first tourney title since winning the inaugural tourney in 2002. 

Tourney Photo Gallery

The crowd of 3,420, the largest in Varsity Cup history and the largest this season, were treated to an excellent game that featured pretty goals, big hits, and some excellent saves by goaltenders Kyle Moir of Lakehead and Russell Monette of Saskatchewan.

Andrew Brown led the Wolves with a goal and an assist with singles coming from Scott Dobben, Mark Soares, and Shandor Alphonso.  Saskatchewan’s goals came from Colin Patterson, Chris Durand, and Steven DaSilva.   

As in Monday night’s tourney round robin game; the championship rematch again got nasty at times as both teams battled hard to win the Varsity Cup.  Lakehead’s powerplay was again sharp as they went 3-9 on the powerplay with Saskatchewan going 1-7. 

The Molson’s Three Stars were:
1) Lakehead: Andrew Brown
2) Lakehead: Kris Hogg
3) Saskatchewan: Colin Patterson

The TBaytel Varsity Cup All Tournament Team:
Dan Speer: Lakehead
Brock McPherson: Lakehead
Greg Beller: Manitoba
Colin Patterson: Saskatchewan
Bryan Wilson: Lakehead
Stephane Lenoski: Manitoba
Kyle Moir: Lakehead

Final tourney stats for the TBaytel Varsity Cup championship final (and all games) can be found at 

Video game reports for the night games can be found at and

Game Summary:
University of Saskatchewan Huskies 3 at Lakehead University Thunderwolves 4
Dec 30, 2008

1st Period
- 1. Lakehead U, S. Dobben (1) (A. Brown, K. Hogg) 14:03 PP
Penalties - M. Zimmer Usk (roughing) 4:44, D. Kivell Lku (interference) 7:25, S. Gillen Usk (holding opp. stick) 8:14, M. Hinz Usk (interference) 12:08, C. Greenan Usk (slashing) 12:40

2nd Period
Scoring –

2. U of Saskatchewan, C. Durand (2) (C. Greenan, C. Patterson) 0:32 
3. Lakehead U, S. Alphonso (1) (B. Wilson, A. Zulyniak) 12:45 PP
4. U of Saskatchewan, S. DaSilva (1) (S. Gillen, S. Vey) 18:13 PP
Penalties - M. Soares Lku (boarding) 3:36, S. Vey Usk (roughing) 4:44, K. Hogg Lku (roughing) 4:44, R. Molenaar Lku (hooking) 10:20, M. Kaye Usk (cross checking) 10:41, C. Greenan Usk (tripping) 12:39, D. Linsley Usk (checking to the head, 10-minute misconduct) 13:19, D. Speer Lku (slashing) 17:18, R. Molenaar Lku (checking from behind, game misconduct) 18:30

3rd Period
Scoring –

5. Lakehead U, A. Brown (1) (D. Speer, R. Baird) 4:19 
6. Lakehead U, M. Soares (1) (K. Hogg, S. Dobben) 15:25 PP
7. U of Saskatchewan, C. Patterson (3) (J. Zetariuk, C. Durand) 19:29 
Penalties - C. Durand Usk (hooking) 0:29, J. Dowhay Usk (checking from behind, game misconduct) 11:56, J. Zetariuk Usk (high sticking) 13:55, K. Hogg Lku (high sticking) 15:25, M. Kaye Usk (roughing) 19:58, D. Kivell Lku (cross checking) 19:58, B. McPherson Lku (roughing) 19:58

USK Shots: 4 16 9 TOTAL: 29
LKU Shots: 10 12 14 TOTAL: 36

Power Play Conversion
University of Saskatchewan Huskies 1-7
Lakehead University Thunderwolves 3-9

University of Saskatchewan Huskies
Monette 1-1-0-0 Start: 1st 0:00 Min: 59:58 SV: 32 GA: 4 [L]
Lakehead University Thunderwolves
Moir 2-0-0-0 Start: 1st 0:00 Min: 59:58 SV: 26 GA: 3 [W]

1. 14:03 Lakehead, Scott Dobben (Andrew Brown, Kris Hogg ) PP
Penalties: 04:44 Saskatchewan, Zimmer (RO)07:25 Lakehead, Drew Kivell (INT)08:14 Saskatchewan, Gillen (HLD-ST)12:08 Saskatchewan, Hinz (INT)12:40 Saskatchewan, Greenan (SL)
2. 00:32 Saskatchewan, Durand (Greenan , C.Patterson ) 3. 12:45 Lakehead, Andrew Brown (Bryan Wilson, Andy Zulyniak ) PP 4. 18:13 Saskatchewan, DaSilva (Gillen , Vey ) PP
Penalties: 03:36 Lakehead, Mark Soares (BRD)04:44 Lakehead, Kris Hogg (RO)04:44 Saskatchewan, Vey (RO)10:20 Lakehead, Richard Molenaar (HKG)10:41 Saskatchewan, Kaye (CC)12:39 Saskatchewan, Greenan (TR)13:19 Saskatchewan, Linsley (CTH/GM)17:18 Lakehead, Dan Speer (SL)18:30 Lakehead, Richard Molenaar (CFB/GM)
5. 04:19 Lakehead, Andrew Brown (Dan Speer, Ryan Baird) 6. 15:25 Lakehead, Mark Soares (Kris Hogg , Scott Dobben) PP 7. 19:29 Saskatchewan, C.Patterson (Zetaruik , Durand )
Penalties: 00:29 Saskatchewan, Durand (HKG)11:56 Saskatchewan, Dowhey (CFB/GM)13:55 Saskatchewan, Zetaruik (HS)15:25 Lakehead, Kris Hogg (HS)17:24 Lakehead, Drew Kivell (CC)19:58 Lakehead, Drew Kivell (CC)19:58 Lakehead, Brock McPherson (RO)19:58 Saskatchewan, Kaye (RO)
Lakehead: Kyle Moir, 25 saves made, 3 goals against.Saskatchewan: Monette, 32 saves made, 4 goals against.Referees: N.Matyasovszky (referee), N.Matyasovszky, N.Matyasovszky,